Italian National Anthem (Fratelli d’Italia) – English Translation

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Translation of the Italian National Anthem:

Italian Brothers,
Italy has awakened,
Scipio’s helmet
She has put on her head.
Where is the Victory?
Offer her the hair;
because slave of Rome
God created her. (x2)

Let us unite in cohort!
We are ready to die;
Italy called. (x2)

We have been for centuries
stamped on, and laughed at,
because we are not one people,
because we are divided.
Let’s unite under
one flag, one dream;
To melt together
Already the time has come.

Chorus (x2)

Let’s unite, let’s love each other;
The union and the love
Reveal to the people
God’s ways.
We swear to liberate the native soil:
United, for God,
Who can beat us?

Chorus (x2)

From the Alps to Sicily,
Everywhere is Legnano;
Every man of Ferruccio
has the heart and the hand;
the children of Italy
are called Balilla;
The sound of every church bell
calling for evening prayers.

Chorus (x2)

They are branches that bend
the sold swords;
Already the eagle of Austria
has lost its feathers.
the blood of Italy
and the Polish blood
Drank with Cossacks
But its heart was burnt.

Chorus (x2)




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