BE – Testi, traduzioni in italiano e video dell’album dei Beady Eye



Beady Eye

uscito il: 10 giugno 2013

genere: rock

Testi, traduzioni in italiano e video


  1. Flick of the Finger 
  2. Soul Love
  3. Face the Crowd
  4. Second Bite of the Apple (1° singolo) 
  5. Soon Come Tomorrow
  6. Is Rite
  7. I’m Just Saying
  8. Don’t Brother Me
  9. Shine a Light
  10. Ballroom Figured
  11. Start Anew
  12. Dreaming of Some Space [Deluxe Edition]
  13. The World’s Not Set in Stone [Deluxe Edition]
  14. Back After the Break [Deluxe Edition]
  15. Off at the Next Exit [Deluxe Edition]
  16. Girls in Uniform [Japanese Bonus Track]
  17. Evil Eye [Japanese Bonus Track]